Will I have to Pay Child Support?

There are many factors which the court may consider when setting child support. The court will need to determine your gross monthly income and your custodial designation status prior to moving forward with a determination of child support: The statute in Nevada is NRS 125B.070Amount of payment: Definitions; adjustment of presumptive maximum amount based on change in Consumer Price Index.


1. As used in this section and NRS 125B.080, unless the context otherwise requires:


(a) "Gross monthly income" means the total amount of income received each month from any source of a person who is not self-employed or the gross income from any source of a self-employed person, after deduction of all legitimate business expenses, but without deduction for personal income taxes, contributions for retirement benefits, contributions to a pension or for any other personal expenses.

(b) "Obligation for support" means the sum certain dollar amount determined according to the following schedule:

              (1) For one child, 18 percent;

              (2) For two children, 25 percent;

              (3) For three children, 29 percent;

              (4) For four children, 31 percent; and

              (5) For each additional child, an additional 2 percent,


The court will impose one of the above to determine a parent’s gross monthly income, but not more than the presumptive maximum amount per month per child set forth for the parent in subsection 2 for an obligation for support determined pursuant to subparagraphs (1) to (4), inclusive, unless the court sets forth findings of fact as to the basis for a different amount pursuant to subsection 6 of NRS 125B.080.

2. For the purposes of paragraph (b) of subsection 1, the presumptive maximum amount per month per child for an obligation for support, as adjusted pursuant to subsection 3, is:



The Presumptive Maximum Amount the

INCOME RANGE Parent May Be Required to Pay

If the Parent’s Gross But per Month per Child Pursuant to

These amounts are adjusted each and every year.

$0 - $4,235                       $681

4,235 - 6,351                     $749

6,351 - 8,467                     $820

8,467 - 10,585                   $886

10,585 - 12,701                  $955

12,701 - 14,816                   $1,022

14,816 - No limit                $1,092


If a parent’s gross monthly income is equal to or greater than $14,816, the presumptive maximum amount the parent may be required to pay pursuant to paragraph (b) of subsection 1 is $1010.


The presumptive maximum amounts set forth in subsection 2 for the obligation for support must be adjusted on July 1 of each year for the fiscal year beginning that day and ending June 30 in a rounded dollar amount corresponding to the percentage of increase or decrease in the Consumer Price Index (All Items) published by the United States Department of Labor for the preceding calendar year. On April 1 of each year, the Office of Court Administrator shall determine the amount of the increase or decrease required by this subsection, establish the adjusted amounts to take effect on July 1 of that year and notify each district court of the adjusted amounts.


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